Saturday, December 15, 2012

Delicious, Fall Apart Roast

    I have to say, I make a really great roast.  I always purchase a Chuck Roast and look for decent marbling.  Then I coat it with salt, pepper, garlic salt and flour.  I place it in a large pot and sear it in hot oil on all sides. Then I add water until it is almost covered.  I throw in a chopped up onion and several crushed cloves of garlic.  After about 7-8 hours on a low simmer, the roast is done and fabulous!  Now......I have found a recipe that has all of the flavor (even more I might add), and is even easier!!!!
Here you go:
1 package Brown gravy
1 package Ranch dressing
1 package Italian dressing

Mix the three packages together with 2 cups of water.  Put your roast (my favorite is Chuck roast, but you could use whatever you have or like) in a crockpot and pour the seasoning mixed in the water over the roast.  The water/seasoning mixture should about cover the can add more water if needed.  Now cook it on low 8-9 hours or on high 3-4 hours.  YUMMY!!!!!!!!!   The drippings from this makes the most amazing gravy!!!!!

Dad: 9.5
Mom: 9.5
Jake: 9.5
Ryan: 8

Mexican Dorito Casserole

The Mexican Dorito Casserole looked so good on a pinterest post I saw.... I decided to give it a try.  This was a pretty good dinner.  It received solid "likes" from my family.  I used canned chicken, so it was super fast and easy.

Dad: 8
Mom: 8
Jake: 8.5
Ryan: 8

Monday, December 10, 2012

School Lunch Peanut Butter Bars

These are "School Lunch Peanut Butter Bars".  I made these the other day and they are pretty close to the actual chocolate frosted peanut butter bars I had back in the day while in school.  I have to admit, most of the time I brought lunch from home, but when these were on the menu, I'd get school lunch just to have one. The only thing I would do differently than the recipe, is the peanut butter you spread on the bars after they come out of the oven, is pretty measly.  I would spread 1 1/2 cups on top of the bars instead of the called for 3/4 c.  These are a delicious treat!

Ben: 9
Becky: 9
Jake: 9.5
Ryan:  didn't try....go figure?